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Children are precious and it can be extremely worrisome when, as teenagers, they partake in risky and potentially destructive behavior. Not only is this an issue for the objective observer, it is extremely troubling for the child’s parents. Many parents opt for more structure by sending their children to boot camps or even Military School. While military schools may be beneficial in some situations, a military school may not be the right solution for your troubled teenager.

The exclusion of boot camps or military schools doesn’t necessarily mean a parent can’t take more substantial steps in order to help the child avoid the risky behavior that could radically change the teenager’s life and not for the better. In many cases, some parents choose a spiritual boot camp. These organizations help troubled teenagers, especially troubled teenage girls a more structured environment but with a gentiler hand.

While these programs may be considered a boot camp, it is much different than what you would expect from a standard teenage boot camp that has become much more popular over the past few years. Where these programs differ is in the way in which the troubled teenagers are treated.

In typical teenage boot camps or what you will find at military schools, whether they are all boy military schools or girls to literary schools is the active use in behavior modification. These tactics may elect a certain respect for authority during the program, but unfortunately this respect is short-lived. Once the effects have worn off, typically after the child is at home for a certain period of time, you may find yourself back at square one with your troubled teenager.

Spiritual boot camps use a certain structure but they also use a very well-respected plan known as the C.A.R.E.S. treatment plan. This is an acronym for, character development, addiction recovery, relationship building, emotional healing and spiritual growth. This is also done in an environment that is free from behavior modification.

Punishments, rewards, yelling, intimidation as well as mental and physical restrictions are replaced within an environment that promotes healing, repentance, deliverance and change. This attitude is not only fostered within the program dealing directly with a troubled teenager, but it is also an important aspect in the treatment and therapy of the parents of the troubled teen as well.

In addition, this program and the various organizations that operate spiritual boot camps understand that there are some battles that troubled teenagers may encounter that will not be changed unless the teenager understands the grace and power of God in their lives. That is why many of these spiritual boot camp programs try to encourage an environment where troubled teenagers are able to expose themselves to what God can provide in their lives to tackle some of the issues that they have been powerless to do anything about.

If you are a parent considering military schools in Florida for your troubled teenager, you may want to consider a program that provides structure but in a much more nurturing and effective way. With spiritual boot camps for troubled teenagers, you may find exactly what you need not only to change your troubled teenagers life, but you may find a way to bring your family closer together and allow your family to be healthy and happy again.